* BNNVARA - BNNVARA is een onafhankelijke, maatschappelijk betrokken en vooruitstrevende publieke omroep.

Non Scripted


How come people rather talk about sex than share their salary? Do you earn more or less working for a newspaper than working for television? Why do men still earn more than women? And how can you get yourself an increase on your salary? In the new TV program LET’S TALK NUMBERS two panels get challenged with all sorts of questions regarding salaries and they have to guess the salary of the three candidates. For example a director of a daily talk show, a radio news anchor and a journalist of a newspaper. Can you guess how much they earn? Time to discuss the last taboo….. finally!!




In the award winning hit format Heaven can wait, five inspiring terminally ill young people are portrait over the course of one year. Five lively young people show the viewers how you can grab on to life and make the most out of it. The host follows them over the course of a year and witnesses their ups and downs. These are just people like everyone else, but in a rush to complete their bucket list. Trying to enjoy every second of their lives. The show is not about dying, it’s about living your life to the fullest. The online environment is a place where fans can follow our heroes in real time. The broadcasts on TV provide a wonderful summary, for both relatives and fans. 



One of BNNVARA’s high-profile shows that informs youngsters about sex and drugs in an open way by showing everything, the highs and the lows! An educational program that is not telling people what is right or wrong, but is informative so that youngsters can make their own choices and decisions wisely. Every topic can be discussed, there are no taboos. The 4 hosts will not only talk about these topics, but they will also test the drugs and will experiment with various sexual positions and toys themselves. Of course always under medical supervision and always with a focus of providing information about drugs and sex!




A participant and a camera-operator friend relive the real life survival story of people who survived against all odds, often after a desperate do-or-die struggle to reach the civilized world. Like the original survivors, they set off, unprepared. Before heading out, they’re given only the most essential information they’ll need to stay alive and find the right route; a lifeline, a remote guide, and a satellite phone!




In Clockwise, a team consisting of two players is challenged to find a twelve-letter word. They must answer twelve questions. Each answer produces one letter of the twelve-letter word. So the unknown word gradually emerges. To make matters worse, the candidates have no way of knowing whether their answer and the corresponding letter are correct. Meanwhile their limited time is ticking away!




In this structured debating format, the parliament consists of a colourful cross section of the population. The host introduces a controversial proposition and opens the debate in which people defend their own views in their own, personal way. They will take each other on in a salty debate about contemporary topics that are introduced by way of a provocative proposition. A renowned host leads the discussion, and a jury decides who’s the best debater of the show.




The greatest speech talent and the most talented debaters will be selected throughout preliminary rounds in the country. The best debater from each team will end up in the finale and will have to face a well-known professional to show off his or her qualities. In between the rounds, we’ll meet the most talented young voices of the country who are given a stage to convince the public and viewers with their ultimate speech…




The KWIS is an award-winning satiric news show and the only quiz in the world featuring four quizmasters and just one contestant. The four quizmasters show no mercy in quizzing the well-known personality on his or her knowledge of the past week’s hottest news. Hilarious questions, a satirical overview of the week and musical parodies ensue. The personality is joined by the host, a quick-witted comedian, and, at the end of the program, receives a ludicrous assignment.




In each episode, a celebrity mother will take a pregnant troubled teenager under her wing. From the early stages of the pregnancy to the first few months following the birth, the celebrity will mentor and lend a helping hand to the teen facing the worries of motherhood. The celebrity will of course also be there to let the teen know that there are responsibilities to be assumed, for the teens this is going to be a challenging time and the road may be bumpy. We follow them over a year, witnessing the highs and lows of pregnancy, birth and beyond.





Each episode focuses on one young adventurer who escaped the daily grind to go on a trip to live out their dreams, Tragically they never returned. A close relative or friend will retrace their steps following the same route their beloved travelled. They will find out what happened and in so doing hopefully find closure not only for themselves but also for those who couldn’t make the trip. Locals and people our intrepid traveller met along the way will help them paint a picture of those last few days and weeks.

The journey ends with a special farewell ritual in which we will commemorate our ill-fated traveller. Once back home all the relatives and friends share stories and toast the life of their loved one. These are powerful and insightful portraits that celebrate life and those that intend to grab it with both hands.





In this program our host, together with his crew, went to various Dutch municipalities to investigate their hospitality. Fixed components are the visit to a garage for a loan car and a visit to the private address of the mayor, where hospitality is also tested. But basically they can knock on everyone’s door!

At the end of each episode, a special plaque will be awarded to the municipality. There are three different plaques: the golden one (this municipality is very hospitable), the silver (it can go through) and the black ones (not welcoming at all).