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Drama series 8 * 50 min

Becoming a lawyer at the prestigious law firm is what a lot of law students are dreaming about. A top salary, status, deals worth millions and unlimited drinks in exclusive clubs at office costs with colleagues who quickly become your friends or more. The recently graduated law student Sabia is doing everything she can to secure a spot at one of the best law firms. As a young, ambitious lawyer, Sabia faces an unprecedented power game in the status-sensitive world.



Psychological thriller series 30 * 50 min

What if your youngest daughter befriends the daughter of a dangerous criminal? And when you pick up your daughter from her friend’s house and the criminal gets shot at and you saved his life? What if he thinks you are is best friend from then on? What if you better cannot be seen with him because of your high position? Then you’re STUCK!



Psychological thriller series 32 * 50 min

Iris, a young photographer, falls head over heels in love with William while being married to a successful state attorney. William happens to be the lawyer of the dubious real estate magnate Couwenberg, against whom the state attorney is fighting a battle in court.



Drama series 31 *40 min

High quality drama all based upon true crimes, but the stories are fictitious. The aim of the series is to demonstrate that every crime, however unimaginable, is fed by underlying recognizable human emotions. All stories are told from the perspectives of both victims and perpetrators.



Drama series 24 * 50 min

Described as 500 Days of Summer meets Tales of the City, A’dam & Eva centers on Adam, a bright-eyed newcomer to Amsterdam, who leads a lonely life burying the forgotten dead for the city, but when he moves next door to the beautiful, cynical Eva, he realizes he’s met the love of his life. The viewer can see how each phase in Adam and Eva's relationship is unconsciously influenced and guided by the dozens of unknowns who cross their path.



Psychological thriller series 24 * 50 min

The coastal town of Boedzand is shaken by the disappearance of 16-year-old Yasmin Aslan. Her boyfriend Sander Looman seems to be involved. The families of the two teenagers are horrified. What really happened between Sander and Yasmin that night? What does her pathologically jealous girlfriend Merel know of her disappearance?



Thriller mini-series 3 x 50

The young journalist Fenna Zielhorst infiltrates in the populist Freedom Party, led by the charismatic André Wouters with a tight hand. She tries to reveal a far-reaching political deal, but this does not appear to be without danger. Certainly when Fenna finds that there is a threat to the political leader.



Thriller series: 24 x 50

Deadline is a thrilling action series about the war on terror. A secret anti-terrorism team comes into operation, waging an almost invisible battle against impending terrorist attacks. A bombing, a hostage crisis, an act of retaliation, an espionage scandal and more. With the clock ticking away, the team has to carry out dangerous missions that are extremely delicate and strictly top-secret. Forced to keep their cool under tremendous pressure, the team members find themselves in personal, political and practical dilemmas time and again. The threat may come from all sides, but one thing always remains the same: the mind-blowing race against time.



Comedy 230*25

Gerard and Maud are a married couple. They live with two children from previous marriages: Gerard's son Daan and Maud's daughter Julia. Maud works as a psychotherapist and Gerard is a stay-at-home dad. As such, Gerard does not fit the stereotypical profile and is often ridiculed for his unmanly behavior. Daan always tries to win Julia over, but it only succeeds sporadically.



Drama series: 24 * 50 min

A burnt-out forensic psychiatrist who, on the day his estranged father dies, learns that his wife is cheating on him and his teenage son is a delinquent. In a desperate attempt to keep his family together, he drags them to his father’s rural farm for the funeral. He quickly discovers that the farm is at the center of a vast criminal enterprise and that his family’s salvation may depend on his ability to continue his father’s legacy. 




Drama series: 18 * 45 min

Nick Roest, a former K1 champion, released after four years in prison. He is determined to fight back in the gym next to his father, to the top of the martial arts ladder. The day Nick knocks on the door of the gym, is the day John Roest has secretly been hoping for. But he might be too late. When John suffers a stroke he knows his end is approaching, and the old fighter starts to question who should inherit what he has worked so hard to build.